Found camera lens pendant

This piece titled NEVERLAND just sold and my heart is overflowing with gratitude for all things in life coming full circle in perfect timing. A couple from Switzerland waltzed into my shop, fell in love with the piece and swept it away across the waters.

“Now that we know Neverland exists – follow it fiercely and let your heart lead always” – S. Muller

Arid, wild, open space as far as the eye can see, as far as the soul can dream to go, as far as the mind can seem to wander – that’s what makes me come alive. Freedom to roam, free. A limitless wilderness of exceptional possibility to adventure, explore and discover. To let the dust settle on my skin so that I become one with my surroundings, to really feel a place come alive, to come to know where we have come from and where we will return to. The Richtersveld is one such place. A place that has lodged itself deep in the recesses of my heart, so much so that I have surrendered to the intense longing my soul has come to know as a part of my every day. This piece gives honour and holds in high regard the place I have come to know as my Neverland. The place where time stands still and dreams dictate the way the day will go. A place that has shown me love in a time I was lost, presenting me with challenging experiences pushing far past my comfort zone, showed me what I’m capable of as a woman, as a creative and that I have purpose. Trail running through the Richtersveld in all its desolate, rocky glory reminded me that the sense of belonging to the wild that’s so beautifully familiar to me should not be taken lightly, discarded or forgotten – it is who I am, it is home. The wild is home.

This pendant is made of a found old beaten up camera lens filter; brass; glass; silver; resin; shell; wood.


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