This is me, STEFNI.

I’m the founder and owner, designer and manufacturer of STEFNI – wearable art (handmade jewellery and art).

Although a qualified Gold Smith (BA FINE ART, USB) I don’t work with gold or diamonds but rather an array of different mediums and stone simulants such as found objects, wood, glass, resin, silver, copper and brass.

Each STEFNI piece is hand made and once-off. Each commissioned piece is a representation of the individual I get to work with. I aim to create something unique and authentic. I work by myself, for myself. From start to finish everything is done in studio – design, melting of metal, manufacturing, finishing and packaging.

Conventional design and manufacturing isn’t something I do. With ten years of experience in the design, art and jewellery industry I no longer feel the pressure to follow conventional design and manufacturing processes and instead allow for a lot of freedom to let things develop and unfold spontaneously while making use of the skills I acquired over the years.

If you are looking for a piece or pieces that express your individuality or carry sentimental value, make you stand out from the crowd and make you feel as authentic as the individual that you are please book a consultation with me via email at

When buying from or commissioning me, you are not buying a product you are part of an authentic, once-off experience.

I look forward to meeting you.