When I was little, I told my mom to keep my drawings because I’m going to be a famous artist one day. 

It wasn’t so much about fame as it was about the desire to constantly beautify the world around me and share the joy creating gifted me with. Today, I’m a full-time creative and have carved out a niche market for myself. 

I’m Stefni, the founder and owner of Handmade, a really intimate jewellery design and manufacturing brand.

The creative journey has been a deeply personal one.  A colossal odyssey in a round about way to return myself to myself, a homecoming of sorts.  I want my jewellery to reflect it and I desire to share this experience with my clients.  We all have a story within us, one worth sharing with the world and I want to be the one that tells it, visually through once-off bespoke jewellery pieces.

Although a qualified goldsmith, I choose to focus on the inspiration that an array of different mediums bring.  I partly enjoy challenging the value systems built on gold and diamonds by replacing them with temporary elements, found objects, alternative metals and your authentic story. 

With thirteen years of experience in the design and art industry I no longer feel the pressure to follow conventional design and manufacturing processes and instead allow for a lot of freedom to let things develop and unfold spontaneously.

Each Stefni piece is handmade and once-off.  This truly means that each piece will only ever be made once. 

If you are looking for jewellery that express your individuality or carry sentimental value please get in touch at stefnimuller@gmail.com.

I look forward to meeting you.


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