Namibian moonstone set in silver ring

Here she is – a piece as unique and once-off as the woman it was made for.

It’s rare to cross paths with people that really value my work due to the human that I am but when it happens, I am reminded why I started. These reminders are threads of authentic guidelines to keep me on course with my creative journey and crucial in staying true to my creative process.

Tom and Roushanna have been a couple that I have looked up to and been inspired by ever since I met them briefly a few years ago. A chance crossing of paths again, led to this ring as a twelve year anniversary gift from Tom to Roushanna. The way they live their life, their passion for Mama Earth, for sustainable living and for each other is nothing short of sacred.

Tom approached me without ever having seen my work, no idea if I was worth my weight, all he had was Roushanna’s words expressing her love for my work. The trust and freedom I had in this process was due to the trust Tom had in Roushanna’s word, fairytale stuff if you ask me.

To walk through this process with Tom was pretty damn special, to have Roushanna from @veldandsea, the original Queen of Veld, Sea, Moon and Tides wear my jewellery on the daily is a milestone and an honour. To make jewellery for people that run through life with their hearts leading the way is a specialty of mine.

A Namibian Moonstone brought back by Tom from one epic surf trip to Donkey Bay; set in silver with hand engraved kelp detail.


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