The Knysna Elephant in various options


My own line drawing and inner childs expression of what an elephant looks like.  This drawing was transformed into a pendant originally as an ode to Knysna, an ode to home.  The place that helped me find my way back to myself and the birth place of my very first studio.

The past few weeks have reminded me of how needed a home is in order for a child to flourish in play, as adults we need these spaces too.  A safe place in the world where fear does not steal our dreams but cultivate them instead.  A place where dreams can grow.  A wholesome future depends on such places and spaces.  Yet there seem to be less and less of them around.

Reminiscing about the beginning stages of being a full time creative in this sleepy hollow town, comprised mostly of hours of play, creatively and in its lush natural environment.  I made time to follow whims into forests, the mountains, onto rivers and into oceans all in the name of inspiration.  Throughout my career animals have been strong guides and recurring colours have been powerful messengers.  The meaning behind all of these have been some of the main threads I base decisions on and it has been that way throughout my work and personal life.

A collective of Elephants are called a memory – referencing their impeccable memory, strong family ties and intelligence. Apt as it seems that we are at our happiest when deep connection and a place to belong surrounds us.