I’ve spent a fair amount of time in countries that make out the shape of the African continent.  Over the years I’ve collected kids drawings and keepsakes that remind me of moments shared and places visited.  Here are a few glass bead necklaces with brass pendants – a snippet into the start of transforming these moments and places into a memorable range of jewellery.


My mom comes from Tanzania, she grew up on a farm in Arusha. She has a Swahili name, it means big and strong. My dads fierce love for the bushveld and adventure had us growing up in kombis, 4x4s and overlanders as we camped our way across Africa. My parents instilled in me a passion for this continent. This fire has been fuelled by five years of volunteer work, collaborations and plenty of trips of my where I go to write, observe, document and learn. Every trip is an opportunity to convey what I feel and experience through the art of making jewellery. Creating opens up a unique way of storytelling, to be a voice for the voiceless. It is a visual language in its own right. Tribes across Africa wear jewellery for powerful purposes.

This new range has a strong tribal feel and honours the children of Malawi. Over the years of travel to the warm heart of Africa I have collected drawings, scribbles and keepsakes from the children that I have had the privilege of getting to know. These have been transformed into the jewellery pieces infront of you. Seeing life through their eyes has been a strong reminder that life is good even when it is not. These pieces are part of a passion project I often return to when things in the studio quiet down. A project that is forever transforming me and my approach to jewellery making – to make time for creative play, no matter what life looks like at the time.