Oyster Catcher ring custom made for Hunger Society

Linking up with like-minded passionate individuals that lead by example, whose lifestyles represent the brand they own, focusing on quality over quantity and standing up for what they believe in is something I am extremely passionate about. To me, collaboration is growth, success and expansion all weaved into one.
I had the privilege of joining forces with @hungersociety, a real authentic surf, art, travel brand, designing and manufacturing a range of rings that create awareness and shed light on pressing environmental issues. All final pieces of this range consists of silver and natural materials – wood, coral, perlemoen, glass.
TRIBAL TRIBUTE – inspired by the Masai Mara tribe from the Serengeti; PIRATES and PERLEMOEN – touching on the pressing poaching issues perlemoen faces; THE AFRICAN OYSTERCATCHER – inspired by the Oystercatcher bird indigenous to South Africa.

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