An ode to dawn and discovery

My alarm goes off at five. I’ve been longing for a mission. Craving actually. A deep calling within, luring me to any and all wilderness spaces. An unquenchable thirst for nature and her secrets to be whispered across my heart.

I didn’t think it would find me, this out of the of ones mind drive for adventure, because my life on a daily basis is pretty much an adventure in itself. But this past month, the desire has spilled over and into everything and I am losing my footing.

I pack a board, a suit, coffee just brewed, pour, stir, still for a moment, deep breath, step outside, listen. Eyes adjust, skin attuned, pre-dawn solitude wins. A Caracal crosses my path. These sightings are not in vain and I take to heart that moments that hold such high sacredness are hidden in plain sight on a daily basis. I cherish my timing.

So often it’s not about the rewards but about getting up and outside. Even if it’s just down the road for a surf at the local at dawn. And to cross paths with the spiritual realm in the form of sacred animal encounters.

A big adventure will have to wait, at work now with the spirit of the Rooikat right beside me. The wild wilderness lives in each day.


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