WANDERLUST a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world or the self.

Textures inspire me, temporary elements and fragile add-ons, alternative ways to join different mediums.

I love challenging the status quo. How else are we meant to find our limits and push past them. How else are we meant to discover more of what we want, of who we are, of where we are going if we don’t try new things, question deep rooted systems and ponder why things make us feel a certain way.

This piece celebrates the ever deepening Wanderlust of self-discovery within me. The aeroplane has become a symbol of encouragement, to always keep moving, exploring, adventuring and traveling outside of my own set of ideas, systems and comfort zones.


Enamel on Copper
Silver cold join
Silver aeroplane cutout
Turquoise glass bead detail

Hand made