The Ocean, she’s my muse.

I paddled out for a second surf yesterday afternoon, the absolute joy it brings living so close to the sea has me at a loss for words. The conditions were slightly different than that of the morning surf. A gusty cross-shore wind with moments of calm in between.

I lay on my board, in awe of the mountains that surround me while in the ocean. In awe of one element, while dancing with another. While I lay there in stillness, taking it all in, surrendering to the chaos that is the calm - I could hear her, I could hear the Oceans gentle call and it dawned on me that although the sea can seem angry, be relentless and is a powerful expanse she is feminine. The Ocean is a she.

The sound of the water washing over my board was like a chime, a song, a heart song - an invitation to look within. To live a vulnerable, real, raw and authentic life inspite of the consequences. If we really make the time to be still in the elements that surround us we will never be lost, we will never be alone, we can never lose our identity, we are home.

This piece is inspired by her. By the Ocean that sustains us, that dances with my soul, that gifts me with joy that leaves me at a loss for words. That teaches me that surrendering is to trust and to trust is to grow and to grow is joy.



Silver ocean inspired setting.
Silver fish trinkets with letter punch detail.
Turquoise from India.


R4 200