Life is a beautiful mix of intricately woven balancing acts.

When we honour, respect, accept and love what it produces we realize that all along pieces of intricate authenticity has been put into place with such caution and thought to create that which is you and can only be you.

We don’t see the full creation as it is, instead we are blinded by what should be. Surrender to the pieces of crazy, weird, different that makes you who you are. You are a handmade once-off piece of art. Embrace the process. Embrace it all.

If I say I got to where I am today alone, it would be a lie. I stand here today looking back at the years gone by - it has been one wild adventure of various lows, various highs, glimpses of where I wanted to be, knowing not how I’d get there.

Although vulnerability isn’t a strength of mine, clearly visible through my work is a side of me that shows gentle detailed strokes of a heart that has the capacity to love deeply; the dainty impermanence of the elements in my bespoke, once-off pieces reveal an understanding of the fragility of life. It has taught me all I know and it continues to teach.

My work has been my lifeline. My way to navigate and process, to visually communicate with this crazy thing called life. The people I have met along the way that have helped, loved, believed and encouraged is part of why I am currently braving and living a life I love.

Vulnerability” - the quality or state of being exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally.


Copper loop.
Red cotton thread detail.
Cowry shell setting.
Finished off with blue/red glass West African Trade beads.


R3 600