When I started out as a jeweller, I made use of what I had - jewellery tools from university that consisted of a range of files and pliers mostly. I could save up just enough to buy a second hand, hand metal roller for R6000. To this day I make jewellery with that exact roller I bought ten years ago.

I had to think outside the box and I definitely wasn’t going to wait before I had enough money to setup a state of the art studio. I enjoyed the challenge (and still do) that minimal tools brought to the table. I cherished not having to rely on the conventional idea of what jewellery should look like when jewellery making equiplement is used. It became my strength.

I made jewellery from anything and everything and even got to teach sustainableways of creating all the way on the shores of Lake Malawi in Northern Mozambique. Honeslty, it’s become a way of life.

So, as much as this range makes a strong stand about how we approach the discarding of plastic and where it ends up, it celebrates the unconventional - the unconventional solutions to everyday problems that actually exist.

Found washed up beach plastic set in silver and mixed metals.

A percentage of the proceeds go to the Beach Co-Op - an organisation with an authentic and strong ocean conservation and educational voice.