Sitting at home, not in studio today, tapping away on the laptop. Admin has taken over my life. Don’t get me wrong, I have surely chosen all this admin. If it’s due to being a bit of a control freak or out of fear of being bored, I have not yet made a conclusion.

Today’s write up is titled many things. That is exactly where we are at - we are making, creating, organizing, putting together many things…one event in particular I want to share with you is THE MAIN STREET MARKET, Knysna I get distracted incredibly easily and find it hard not to jump to grab at a new challenge, event or adventure when it comes along. A few examples of behind the scenes shenanigans below…

The Stefni Studio partners up with an events company called Wedding Wizz, where we organize bespoke weddings, do the flowers/decor and even illustrate and hand make the wedding invitations. Alongside owner and founder of Wedding Wizz, Magru Muller, we have traveled to many unknown corners of the country to make a wedding happen. For more info:

If I wasn’t a jeweller I would most definitely have been full time humanitarian. In between bespoke weddings and handmade jewellery manaufacturing the Stefni Studio spends time traveling the African Continent alongside the Non-Governmental Organisation Operation Smile Humbled by these missions, we come back to work with the world very well put into perspective and our feet firmly placed on purpose. We keep on going back because it reminds us to be mindful and conscious of our very own existence and how it affects those around us. Next up: the South of Malawi.

Then last, but definitely not least, the latest addition to the events family and the real reason I’ve put together this blog is to tell you about THE MAIN STREET MARKET, Knysna
It has taken me long enough to accept Knysna as my base and safe haven and now that I have I am excited to be part of a team that aims to include, uplift, support and create opportunities for our local community. Mmm, was it a no-brainer to take on this event, no. But I remember feeling mixed emotions having been approached about the open slot in the Oyster Festival events program. The final decision was was made due to both Magru and I suffering from a bad case of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and we couldn’t resist this adventurous opportunity. Needless to say we are now the proud organizers of the newest addition to the local market family.

It’s the last weekend of the well attended and very popular Knysna Oyster Festival. We are passionate about breathing life back into the heart of Knysna and as we all know, a market isn’t a market without the people! So, come and warm up with a coffee, ease into the afternoon with a craft beer or two and enjoy live music as we close the Knysna Main Road and reminisce about the best 10 days of your winter.