hey, it’s Thursday…where has the week gone? I’ve missed a few days and I definitely don’t remember a Monday ever coming around…!

When I don’t plan, write my life minute to minute on a list…it passes me by. Days become months, years, decades and I’m still doing the same thing. I’ve come to realize that lists are mere guidelines, a nudge in your true desired North. Things really don’t always go according to plan, the key is to plan anyway. Planning simplify’s and streamlines. For me, it encourages and cultivates sustainable living. Something I am passionate about but know takes time to integrate into one’s daily life.

Yesterday, things went according to plan and fell into place. It deserved a high five for sure. Today…not so much. Because when you have the best intentions of buying local, eating at home and saving money but the day has already decided to kick you in the shin.

I wake up this morning, as usual a 5h30 start. My most productive hours seem to stretch from before dawn to about midday, then I change my schedule up a bit and resort to less manufacturing and more designing. When I checked the watch again it was 7h30 and I haven’t moved from bed. Great, I think, I just lost two hours of my productivity and I can feel my motivation dwindling. Mind blowing how a 5h30 start next to a 7h30 start changes my whole outlook on the day.

Next up is the morning coffee, a bit of a ritual for me. The whole process from bean to cup is slightly sacred somehow. Opening the fridge to see no milk was a slight disappointment. Coffee brewed so now what? My sustainable brain kicks in. I transfer the coffee to a flask, making a mental note to get milk on the way and enjoy my first sacred cup of java in studio…my sacred cup of java decided to be enjoyed by my car seat instead. The lid was tightly closed but the pouring button wasn’t. I’m winning at life this morning I think to myself.

Arriving at the studio seem to have gone without too much trouble, apart from my car now smelling like a coffee shop (which I don’t mind really). As I get out of the car, I drop half of what’s in hand and react by kicking it across the parking area (an old soccer league habit I seem to have kept). I breath and collect my life scattered among the cars and head off to go unlock the doors to my sanctuary. Safe and sound inside, I think to myself that the day has been long already. Positive about what the rest of the day will bring, I go about the daily things before the studio doors open to the public.

The studio gets cleaned, anything left out of place from the previous day is put back in its place. I setup the laptop to start the morning with some quality tunes. One would think taking a laptop out of a bag is a simple task, I’m starting to think that simple tasks are not my strong point! Laptop comes out of bag, lunch decides to stay and party up a storm in bag. Not in the container in the bag, we’re talking colouring in outside the lines here, all over the place…needless to say I’ll be having lunch with a complimentary wallet and beanie, thrown in there will be a few hair bands and other handbag goodies. Marvelous.
By now my sustainable living intentions have left the building and I’m currently sitting with a take-away coffee and cinnamon pastry in hand. Willingly surrendering to what is.

On a lighter note, I did manage to brighten up a few peoples day yesterday. Freshly designed and hand made are the brass rings for men. Each ring leaves the studio with an authentic little detail that the previous ring didn’t have.

The second commission was completed for a special celebration. From daughter to dad for his birthday. The process of sitting down and discussing custom made pieces are priceless, clients light up with excitement over the possibility of their own ideas coming to life through the hands and skills I have been given. Working with people is a rewarding process.

The rest of the day didn’t go entirely swimmingly either, but here’s to celebrating what happens when life decides to happen instead! And lists, thank you for lists:

Clean handbag
Stop kicking things around

Good night