I haven’t written in a while…

Although I have made plans to sit down and write on a weekly basis. Some times life has other plans and that’s okay.

A year and a bit ago, I opened the Stefni Studio. I feel spent. Yet overwhelmingly rich in all things not tangible. A process of self-discovery was birthed at the same time the studio opened and what an unexpected, heart-wrenching, deep-rooted journey of self-discovery it has been.

Discovering what I am, uncovering and facing what I am not. A good deal of acceptance of what is and what isn’t. The studio has kept my head above water and definitely plays a big role in shaping the person I am becoming. I am grateful for this life-raft.

A few things I’ve learnt:

That we can not shield out hearts from the lows that life has in store, being open to really feel our way through pain is the only way to heal and cultivate happiness.

We are the masters of our own emotions, channel them positively and they won’t rule your life, or the lives of others. Your emotional well-being is truly your own responsibility.

Life and all that it brings is temporary. Change is inevitable, accept it gracefully, adapt and walk away stronger.

Love is not a right, it is a choice…choose it daily without expecting anything in return (this includes loving yourself).

Happiness resides in getting to know yourself, if this is the only thing you do with your time on earth, you have lived divinely.

Learning is part of every day life. If only I embraced this earlier, but now that I know that I’m here to learn, I’m starting to understand my own journey better and this is progress.

Last but not least, keeping things simple is key!