I’ve (boldly, selfishly) decided that Mondays were never created to be spent in an office (in my case a studio). Instead it will become a day of exploring, a day for research, a day for getting to know my surroundings and no doubt, myself.

We are currently residing (temporarily or not) in The Republic of Hout bay. As it is with any new place, one finds that the need to discover, see, familiarize is so much greater than priority. And since I often forget that I am my own boss, freedom truly lies at the order of each day.

My first out-of-office (Mon)day was spent in Stellenbosch. Although not my immediate surroundings, there was method to the madness - friends, family and art.

Taking the coastal road, leaving The Rrepublic behind, I was left with sand, sea, seagulls and fishermen dotted along the shore on a windless Cape Town morning. As the road curves inland, the sea stretches on and the shores become forgotten and Kayelitsha unfolds - an ocean of its own. Colourful and crazy- stray dogs, wandering barefooted children (the beach as backyard), always moving, never stagnant, a turquoise and purple sign advertising a service - the origin and core of entrepreneurship lies within these dunes.

Reaching Stellenbosch I make my first stop at The Dorp Street Gallery - a piece of Africa in itself and one I have admired since university days. The gallery is adorned with a variety of hand picked African artefacts, exquisite art and photographs and the most unconventional, out-of-the-box, mind blowing jewellery. A space well designed and poetically curated by Mike, buyer and owner. Mike and I established a business connection at the 2014 Design Indaba where he personally complimented my work and invited me to the gallery. I let myself be swept up in a world filled with hope, depth, divinity and one I find intensely interesting and inspiring.

An hour or two later I left with a bag full of African artefacts, glass beads collected over years of travelling, off-beat pendants and battered Ethiopian silver treasures. All to rework into a range uniquely my own that will soon find its rightful home in the Dorp Street Gallery. The range is due October…so watch this space.

The afternoon was spent with a great friend and fellow sister in surfing, not amongst the waves but the vineyards of the quaint little town of Stellenbosch.

The day left me elated, I felt rewarded for being me - letting my heart lead and my feet follow.