With a week of Garden Route road tripping behind us, it was time to head to the city and with a full weekend of downhill mountain biking, there was loads to look forward to.

Round two of the Western Province Downhill Series was held in Paarl. The official race was due to commence on Sunday at eight, so we headed out on Saturday morning for a few practice runs. A couple of guys came and went but generally Timo had the pleasure of having the track to himself.
I shuttled for the majority of the morning, we then headed to the Language Monument Reserve where we found a quiet place for a picnic, right by the river. After a power nap and quality time we headed back to the track. The last few runs were spent in late afternoon sun which made the forest come alive. We left feeling more than just content, fulfilled.

Race day was meant to be stormy, but no rain only wind and occasional sunshine. Official shuttles shuttled the riders up to the top of the track, this left me with time to explore. I took my own camera as well as the GoPro, add a Timo and you have a fool-proof recipe for creative combustion.

Click through photo’s below to check it out