Sunday March 3rd, Western Province Downhill Series 2013 official race day. After a quiet day at Zevenwacht the day before, change was expected on race day as spectators filled the previously empty track with spectacular views of the vineyard. It was a good turnout!

The day saw 60 odd riders entered, with Stefan Garlicki, AD van der Merwe and Adrian Smith amongst them it was going to be a tough day out on the track.

We got great parking at the top, away from the crowded areas lower down. With so many riders strutting their stuff I had plenty of time and opportunity to get comfortable at the most critical areas to capture some fun shots.
Entering the Elite category, instead of the Fun class this time around, Timo makes good use of every possible shuttle opportunity. From 8 untill 2 riders took the time to familiarize themselves with every corner, jump and drop. Timo looked more confident and comfortable with each run.

With a half an hour break in the shade and much needed refeuling, it was time to make the final run down the mountain. The rider with the fastest time wins.
At 3h30 top positions were determined as all individual riders made their way down the track. Timo secured a 7th place overall,which will have to do for now. Each ride and race is a learning curve and now we know who we’re up against and what the leading times are to beat.

See you at the next race!