About a year or two ago I was commissioned by WolfAlley (a creative organization of diverse individuals expressing their talents and expertise through a multitude of different industries/art forms/sports/projects and products) to create their once off, one of a kind, Air Off championship signet ring. Check out the 2011 Air Off event below:

This particular ring was carved and crafted out of wax first, along with the originally designed AirOff crest. Then sent off for casting in bronze by the one and only Nic Bladen, see his work here


Not long after the signet ring made its public appearance, I got a call from Nic asking me to make his wedding ring. Needless to say I was in awe to have this inspiring jeweller wear something I have made. From one jeweller to another, their is no greater honor. It wasn’t a difficult ring to make, there wasn’t even any real construction needed and Nic could have easily created one himself.

A few months later i get an email from an engaged couple: they met up with Nic to pick up a commmissioned piece. They were blown away by his wedding ring, literally a roughly made sliver of gold on his finger, and immediately ordered two. A few days ago i received photo’s of this particular couples’ wedding and these words followed: ‘Just in case you were wondering what we got up to with your rings….They were VERY much admired by everyone. Thanks again!’

thanks word of mouth :)