After about four days of blistering cold weather, wind and rain, the sun has at last come out to play and is shining blissfully on my face.

As I sat soaking up the sun, daydreaming and listening to the ocean softly caressing the shore as the two of them meet, I can feel the deepened need for new things…I know its time for new things maybe even a complete new way of life.

I am taken back to my travelling days in England, where those early summer days, still with a nip in the air, were already spent loathing on the beach, wooing the warmth to come a day, a week earlier. I’ve always wanted to live, for only just a while, somewhere along the English coastline, where life is simple and out of sorts and different to what I was used to. But here I am, up on the far North side of the West Coast of South Africa living in a house by the sea and crazy beautiful love to complete it…I am living the life that I have dreamt about for so long. And herewith a sudden openmindedness and a great desire for change.

I have dreamt enough, waited long enough for all things to come together, done dreaming about tomorrow and I want to instead live for today. Today brings only today and I want to see the cup half full instead of half empty. I have dreamt so much about this life that I have built great big walls around myself with a window only for perfection and these walls must now come down to make room for a panoramic view of life.
There are stars and there are storms, there will be great days but there will be bad days too, there is love and loss is part of life. I want to give way to another way of life, another point of view…a new perspective.