The past few weeks have been spent on the road up the coast and down the coast, back up the coast and back down the coast and so on and so on.

Although I can not claim it to be all work related, I can claim it to have been absolutely worth it.

So after all the driving and traveling i thought it not difficult to just keep on…driving and traveling, but this time around to local surrounds. Let’s define local: 39 Albertyn road, the Blue Bird Garage…the local Muizenberg community market!
Trading every friday from 4 untill 10 with market founder couple Dylan and Kim hands-on and never far out of reach…i am convinced that this being one of the reasons it’s such a success. Having traded there for the first time I was made to feel right at home!

Fresh farm goods at the entrance, health foods, cooked and fried foods from almost every culture, live music and a great big chill and eat erea. Festive to say the least!

Do yourself a favour and go have dinner, a drink and desert. Go visit the beautiful people with beautiful hearts in the heart of Muizenberg ;)

Much love and adventure