HALISI means authentic in Swahili - a new range of jewellery handmade on the shores of Lake Malawi in rural Northern Mocambique.

To be able to create something from what looks like nothing, to be able to dream up a vision having never seen the place you will share it with, wanting to be more than just a jeweller and the desire to inspire through creativity as compass - these just a few of the sparks that fired up this six week jewellery workshop in rural Northern Mocambique on the shores of Lake Malawi.

In 2015 I had the privilege of going on a very unique adventure, one I hold dear to my heart.

A pilot project teaching jewellery to local women to encourage sustainable living. Laying foundation and building relationship. Living simply. A reminder that we already have all we need within us to live a life of worth.

With a perfectly timed collaboration between a handful of key organisations and I, we teamed up in order to create a curriculum that aims to empower women through creative thinking, instilling in them a knowledge that their voices have value and their stories have purpose.

A six week adventure on the Mocambique shores of Lake Malawi sharing a jewellery manufacturing curriculum I created - focusing on resources unique to the Northern Mocambique area, using only the tools and skills the local women already possess.