I love what I do.

And since my creative cup is overflowing: I want to share with you my journey through design, text, illustration and art - but most of all through jewelry.

Intrigue and absolute curiosity has me researching the journey of all things. I believe that everyone and everything has a story to tell, each person’s path is authentic and sacred in its own right.

I am driven by the irresistible whispers of the unknown. All things washed up, random, vintage and secondhand find their way into my studio through travel, locally and abroad. I incorporate these into my work and so have the opportunity to recreate, relive and most of all understand someone else’s walk of life.

Quality free range jewelry are one-off fine art pieces that celebrate all walks of life. Inspired by the streets, different cultures, architecture and especially nature where a limitless wonderland exists.

Through my work I hope to inspire you to discover who you are and to ultimately follow your heart.